About Us


Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company, founded in October 2014 by Katie Mahon, is a fresh-faced organisation based in West Yorkshire aiming to offer drama based support for working class communities who are struggling to access opportunities and the arts due to facing class inequalities. All of our work focuses on tackling different aspects of class discrimination and disadvantage through our grassroots community work and verbatim way of working.

The company wants to open the floodgates of theatre to all budding young people with a passion and ambition. In the North, class inequality is only too prevalent and the barriers young people face often prevents them from following their dreams. – Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company aims to tackle this suppression of talent.

Our current project, ‘Handprint: a mark of Humanity’, focuses directly on working class access to mental health services in the UK, collecting research material by working with working class communities through interviews and one to one sessions, offering support and collecting truthful opinions and perspectives. We are also exploring creativity and what role that could have in assisting working class communities manage their mental health and well being in a more positive way. The work produced with ‘Handprint: a mark of Humanity’ will eventually be used to create a verbatim (based on real life events and opinions) piece, not only representing class inequality but offering opportunities and experience to those who face it.

This is following the creation of our first piece ‘Rewrite the System’ and more recently ‘Brenda’s got a baby’ which we took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 and toured recently to New York.