Meet the Team

Katie Mahon katie head shot

Artistic Director


Katie Mahon founded Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company
in October 2014 with an aim to create theatre
that was accessible to all. She wanted to reach out
to working class communities while increasing access
to opportunity for young people. Katie has degree in Theatre and Performance in industry and is currently graduating with a Masters in Applied Theatre in Intervention.

Kerry Wright

Kerry is working with Bloomin’ Buds as our funding and fundraising coordinator. Kerry has trained in creative writing with a degree and a masters and has now joined the Bloomin’ Buds team to develop our funding strategies.

Carolyn Mahon

Carolyn is one of Bloomin’ Buds fabulous facilitators that co-runs the community centre sessions on a Friday at Rockwell Community Centre. Carolyn also works as a freelance facilitator and gets very involved in creating props and costume for our community performances.

Dannielle Armour

Dannielle is one of our fabulous facilitators and co-runs the community centre sessions at Rockwell Community Centre on Fridays including our freelance workshops.

We have a large team of volunteers, interns, facilitators that all work towards the ethos of Bloomin’ Buds, making great things happen for working class communities.